The Greek Workshop on Medical Tourism was held for the 3rd consecutive year in Moscow, in collaboration with the Russian Tour Operators, the Federation of Insurance Companies, and the Greek Embassy in Moscow. The participants included travel agencies, hotels, insurance companies, and medical centres from our country. The visitors, who were mostly Russian travel agencies, showed great interest in the field of health tourism in Greece, and particularly in Mesogeios Group.

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“NEPHROLOGY WEEK”, MOSCOW 20.11.2013 - 24.11.2013

“Nephrology Week” in Moscow is an annual convention addressed to Russian nephrologists. The organisation hosting this convention (Russian Dialysis Society) has included our brochures in the information dossier that was distributed to each nephrologist, while physicians could also obtain more brochures from our booth, located at the convention area.

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The Spa Expo convention was held for the 6th consecutive year in Moscow, by MITS (Moscow International Travel Service). The participants were mainly spa tourism centres and luxury hotels providing spa services from all over the world, and provided to Russian travel agencies important information for their customers, with regard to holiday packages in combination with spa services.

It was the first time we participated in this convention and the interest shown by Russian travel agencies about dialysis holidays was impressive. We also had the opportunity to present our services in a specially configured hall where, along with our speech, the participants watched through a projector our facilities together with the most important sights for each area.

The experience we gained from this conference encouraged us to continue our effort with a more intensive information provision policy to the Russian kidney patients community. In 2008 and 2011, our centres also participated in the International Tourism Expo of Moscow (MITT) and the Russian convention on Medical Tourism.

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