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Aiming at the transplant ... pre-transplant procedure

Unfortunately, even in Greece, organ donation rates are low compared to the EU. In Mesogeios, with a percentage of 4.57% of our patients' transplants, of the total number of  kidneys transplanted in our country in 2020, we cannot be not complacent.  We try in every way to support this process.

The scientific directors and doctors of our units are in constant communication with E.O.M (National Transplant Organization). From the first moment they take care of facilitating the pre-transplant procedure by following specific actions such as:

  • Inform the patients about the transplant as an alternative treatment for end-stage kidney disease
  • Appropriate high-quality dialysis treatment so that the patient is in the best possible medical condition prior to the transplant
  • Encouragement to check suitability
  • Prepare of tests with subscription of all the required referrals
  • Final authorship of the transplantation form and referral to the transplant center
  • Intermediate receipt and sending of the patients’ blood samples to the lab of compatibility, which are required to update the pre-transplant file on a regular 3-months basis prior to transplantation.
  • Contact with the transplant centers to renew the pre-transplant examination

With the overall percentage of patients fit for transplantation, we ensure that the procedure is carried out with quality and precisely.


Mesogeios Dialysis Centers Group Scientific Team