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The Art of Communication

Is communication a kind of "art"? 
Communication is a keystone of society. Communication is the exchange of opinions, feelings, ideas and thoughts between two or more people.
Communication is the process of exchanging information between two or more members for whom information makes sense. 
The role of communication between nurse and patient is important and crucial.

To be effective, a professional nurse must first learn to communicate properly. A nurse must know the value and importance of clear and regular communication with patients. Research has shown that effective communication between patients and health professionals can improve patients' health and is just as significant as medication!

However, communication is compound and is affected by many different factors.

  • The term communication refers not only to the presentation of real information, but also to the active listening and perception of what is being said. Communication, too, as a process, has a beginning, middle and an end.
  • If the communication between nurse and patient is clear, concise and in a language understood by the patient, then the patient may feel less anxious and there may be less chance of confusion and misunderstanding.
  • Good communication requires good skills, promotes honest and effective communication, reduces fear and confusion, prevents misunderstandings, and builds a relationship of trust.

It is therefore essential that educational programs of communicate and manage patients' emotions must be implemented (ways and communication skills between patients and health professionals). As part of this need, the handbook "The Art of Communication - A Guide for Nurses, for the Application of Optimal Practice in Communication" was created and published by EDTNA / ERCA (European Society of Nephrology and Transplant Nurses / European Society of Nephrology) https : // www . edtnaerca . org / academy / publications - en The field of communication is huge and of course with this manual we do not try to cover all the topics related to communication. It is a guide for the healthcare professionals to help them gain more knowledge and understanding of the importance of a proper communicationThe aim of this manual is to provide practical guidance and to complete the classic, educational training activities.

 Tips - Effective communication skills

  •  RESPECT THE PATIENT - and always remember that they feel vulnerable
  •  LISTEN TO THE PATIENT - then the information will be customized to the patient
  • PROVIDE NEW INFORMATION - the information should always be given in terminology that the patient can understand 
  • MANAGE THE EXPECTATIONS - patients will have high expectations for their diagnosis and treatment, they need to understand what is happening to them and why
  • REMAIN CONCENTRATED - provide information, clarify the information which is not understood
  • BUILD TRUST - establish a relationship of trust which will allow an effective communication
  • SHOW EMPATHY - see the situation from the patient's point of view. You will then understand the patient and be able to have a better communication


Marianna Eleftheroudis , MSc , PhD (c), Associate of the Group Dialysis Centers Mesogeios, EDTNA / ERCA ex President , Nephrology & Mental Health Nurse Nephrology Department of the General Hospital of Papageorgiou , Thessaloniki

 * The Mesogeios Dialysis Centers Group has included the book - Guide "The Art of Communication", in the context of the continuous training of its staff, considering the communication part extremely important, for the best possible service to its patients.


The Art of Communication - A Nurses Guide to Implementing Best Practicein Communication First Edition / September, 2017 Publisher / European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association / European Renal Care Association (EDTNA / ERCA) ISBN / 978-84-697-4071-2 Layout, printing directory and binding of the book / CA Anderssons Tryckeri AB / Östra Hindbyvagen 28/213 74 / Malmö / Sweden 

Greek Edition: "The Art of Communication - A Guidebook for Nurses, for the Application of Optimal Communication Practice" ( EDTNA / ERCA ). Edited by Hellenic Publication: Marianna Eleftheroudis - Panagiota Tsougia. Translation and editing: Marianna Eleftheroudi , MSc , PhD (c), EDTNA / ERCA ex President , Nephrology Nurse & Mental Health, Department of Nephrology G.N.Papageorgiou , Thessaloniki. Anastasia Liosatou , MSc , EDTNA / ERCA Executive Committee Member , Nephrology Nurse, Graduate of Pedagogical Competence . G.N. Kefalonia, Argostoli. The printing of the book was carried out with the contribution of the MESOGEIOS SA - MEDIALYSE SA Dialysis Centers