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Mental health

May has been established worldwide as the month of awareness for our mental health.

Mental health then .. Obligation or luxury? Right or need?

We must protect our mental health. Essentially we must :

  • To observe the signs we receive from our body,
  • To a nichnefoume stimuli that our worry or panic us
  • Through this path of self-observation to build coping strategies and steps.

The coronavirus , the pandemic, a chronic illness, financial problems, insecurity, low self-esteem, a loss, a mourning can act as triggering mechanisms for the loss of our mental health .. for some this loss will be short-lived , for others it can be a chronic process. In any case, a mental disorder affects our functionality, reduces our self-confidence, causes fear and lethargy , anxiety about the future and insecurity.

Here are some self-care tips for our mental health:

  • Establishing small moments that will be dedicated to us
  • Physical relaxation and contact with nature
  • Proper diet
  • Expressing emotions and communicating with people who will help and support us
  • Sleep .. sleep disorders and poor sleep quality are associated with low levels of concentration, low levels of memory, dysfunction
  • Management of the time we spend on social media

But the biggest bet for mental health is our reward to ask for help and to prioritize our wants, our needs ..

The biggest bet is not to be afraid to ask for help when we think we need it.

The biggest bet for our mental health is not to stigmatize ourselves, thinking that help is something that will characterize us.

Taking care of our mental health is not a luxury ... it is a rewarding introduction of small moments, which essentially protect us from other situations.

Eleni Soltaridou

Psychologist - mesogeios partner