The MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Group was founded for the sole purpose of fully covering the needs of dialysis patients according to the highest standards.

Our vision is to create a model hospitalization unit that will improve the patients’ quality of life.

After a careful study of the particularities of such a project, Mesogeios started creating a network of top quality Dialysis Units across Greece, starting off from Heraklion, Crete.

The network expanded onto Serres, Kalamata, Halkida and Attica in two key areas, Paleo Faliro (covering the southern suburbs) and Pallini (covering eastern Attica).

This way, we are gradually "building" a group of model health units offering dialysis patients safety and quality in dialysis treatments in a highly sophisticated environment, close to their permanent place of residence, but also close to vacation spots, where patients have the opportunity to enjoy their holidays.