Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to business practices involving initiatives that benefit society and the environment. At MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Group, we believe that organizations are inextricably linked with the community in which they operate, and we recognize the share of CSR that is attributed to us by focusing on developing an action plan that reflects the company’s founding values ​​and guiding principles, while enhancing the sentiment of cooperation with our employees, our customers, society and the environment. Based on core values such as quality, transparency, accountability, and social concern, we design our strategic plan, via a multifaceted action plan. Promoting the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Group is a perpetual effort and continuous process, in which both the company’s management and staff are committed.  Standing by these principles, we invest in the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility program that focuses on areas such as environmental protection, social concern - with preventive medicine and support of socially vulnerable groups as key elements-, as well as education and sports. The list of our actions and initiatives that contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development includes the following:


With active interest in environmental protection, MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Grouphas implemented an Environmental Management System designed to ensure the continuous optimization of internal processes, as well as the systematic and efficient measurement, evaluation and management of any environmental effects of these operations. More specifically, MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Group implements monitoring and management practices on medical waste, paper and medical devices recycling, as well as energy saving.


The support of sociallyvulnerable groups that need our help is a self-evident duty of every company. The grid of our actions includes our cooperation with organizations and institutions that protect the disabled as well as families and children in need. At the same time, we support social welfare charities and local bodies, whose activity touches the lives of social groups that are in need of protection and support.


MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Group nurtures a culture of teamwork and high performance, with ultimate goal the development of a creative working environment in which employees can fully develop their abilities. One of the pillars that leads to the sustainable development of our company is the ongoing corporate training that has a positive impact on employee and business performance. In this context we invest in the training of our staff, ensuring lifelong learning by organizing skills training seminars on a regular basis.


MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Groupsupports actions of sports associations that promote the athletic ideal. The sponsorship of cultural activities organized by Transplant and Dialysis sports athlete’s associations constitutes for us an act of responsibility which gives us the opportunity to contribute in a joint effort with the society.

Supporting NGOs

Every year, MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Group supports the cause of associations, nonprofit organizations or institutions that help people in need, by making a donation and sending Christmas wishes with cards by "Unicef", "Doctors without Borders", "The smile of the child", as well as "Make -A-Wish" foundation.

Provision of plastic caps to the National Association of Paraplegics

In an effort to support actions that improve the quality of people’s lives with severe motor disabilities, MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Group cooperates with National Paraplegic Association in order to help our fellow human beings who cannot afford to acquire orthopedic devices such as wheelchairs, consumables etc. As a result, a significant number of plastic caps is collected every year, for the provision of wheelchairs and other orthopedic products for the disabled people.

Organization of workshops

One of the main initiatives of MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers Group involves organizing workshops in order to inform and raise the public concern on issues related to Chronic Kidney Disease, such as how to cope with the disease or prevent the CKD progression, which are issues that tend to be a global public health problem nowadays.