Nick Stathoglou

General Manager
of MESOGEIOS Dialysis Centers
Administrative Manager

Nick Stathoglou, was born in 1973 in Heraklion, is married and has three children. In 1992 he was inducted with scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation at the University of Piraeus where in 1996 received a degree in economics with specialization in economic analysis. In 1998 he completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Birmingham (UK) where he received Master in Tourism policy and administration (MSc Tourism Policy and Management). From a young age he was engaged in tourism through family-owned business. Since 2000, he is the administrative director of the Mediterranean Holiday Dialysis Center SA, a leading company in Health Tourism. Since 2006 as a General Manager, leads the development of the company which now operates six dialysis units throughout Greece and employs approximately 200 people.