Reservations & Amenities

Below you will find some of the most frequent questions and answers regarding the reservation process at one of the Mesogeios Dialysis Centers.

In case you do not find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us either by phone or by e-mail, and we will provide you with additional clarifications.

What is your e-mail address and phone numbers I can use to make a reservation?

The full contact details of each center are provided in the field “Contact” on our website.

What information is required to make a reservation or a preliminary reservation at your centers?

You need to send us the following information: your name, contact details, as well as your desired dates and times for treatment.

How early should I make a reservation?

Especially for the months of May to September, but also for the rest of the year, please send us your reservation as soon as possible so that we can successfully meet your wishes regarding the dates and times. In addition, we must have all the necessary medical documents and blood tests on time (2 weeks before your arrival).

In case treatment cannot be provided at the times of my choice, what are you planning to do to accommodate my needs?

In case there is no availability at your preferred times, we will continue to monitor sessions and reservations, both before your arrival and during your holidays, for a vacancy that may occur from a cancellation or reservation modification. The secretary will inform you immediately about any change in your reservation.

What documents do you need and how early do I need to send them to you?

In order to properly prepare your arrival, the medical, nursing and administrative staff need your medical documents (medical history, lab tests of Hepatitis B & C & HIV, MRSA tests), the type of hemodialysis you are undergoing and the type of vascular access, at least two weeks prior to your arrival, either by fax or email. To download the list of the medical documents please click here.

Can my treatment’s expenses be fully covered by my insurance fund?

The mesogeios Dialysis Centers are affiliated with all the insurance organizations. For more information please send us an email ( and our administration will immediately provide you with all the necessary details.

I have a private insurance and I must prepay my dialysis costs. What method of payment do you accept?

We can accept payments by credit card or cash.

Do I need to bring any medical supplies or medicines with me?

You only need to bring the injectable drugs necessary for your treatment. Any medicines that need to be kept refrigerated, should be transported in ice packs.

In case I do not have a vehicle myself, how do I reach your facilities and how can transfer expenses be covered?

We offer a transfer from the hotel to our premises and back within a certain mile radius. For more details about this service, please send us an email ( mentioning your holiday resort and we will send you additional information. In any case, the transfer will be organised by our administration and if there is any additional cost you will be informed prior to your final reservation.

Can I make a reservation for my hotel and tickets through your Center?

You can only book your air and boat tickets through your travel agent or through the websites of the tour operators. Nevertheless, we will be happy to provide you with accommodation information and prices of hotels located close to our units.

Can my escort stay with me during my session?

For safety and hygiene purposes, but also to ensure a quiet and smooth session, for both patients and staff, all escorts are requested to remain in the well-appointed and specially designed waiting areas of our centers. An escort can be allowed in the dialysis room only if the patient requires full assistance during treatment. Nevertheless, we allow a short visit in the dialysis room, as we fully understand the need of family members to make sure their relatives are doing well.

What happens if I cancel my reservation?

In case of cancellation, please let us know the soonest possible. There are no further obligations.

Do I have some privileges as a “returning” dialysis guest?

As a sign of gratitude to our “returning” dialysis guests, we have issued the MESOGEIOS Privilege Card. For more information please click  “Privilege Card”.