mesogeios who we are

Mesogeios Dialysis Centers Group

was founded with the sole purpose of fully covering the needs of our dialysis patients. Our goal is to provide high quality services that meet all their expectations.

We have created a series of model health organizations for kidney patients offering them safe and quality dialysis. Given the excellent medical care we provide to our patients, it is also important to us to offer the best possible hospitality in our units, in luxurious spaces and aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environments, with our staff always standing by to cover the needs of patients and their attendants.

Thanks to our geographically extensive network, our centers are always close to the permanent residence of patients. At the same time, our patients are offered the opportunity to enjoy their holidays in various regions of Greece, with the same safety and quality guaranteed by the medical “seal” of the “Mesogeios” Dialysis Centers.

Our Vision

The Mesogeios Dialysis Centers Group was founded with the vision of creating a model inpatient unit aiming at improving the quality of life of patients through the effective treatment of renal failure.

After careful research on the specific particularities of such a venture, mesogeios embarked on a mission to create a network of high quality Chronic Dialysis Units.

Mesogeios Dialysis Centers

  • Paleo Faliro, Athens Attica
  • Chaidari, Athens Attica
  • Pallini, Athens Attica
  • Kalessa Crete
  • Heraklion Crete
  • Ierapetra Crete
  • Kalamata, Messinia
  • Messini, Messinia
  • Chalkida, Evia
  • Evosmos, Thessaloniki
  • Pylaia, Thessaloniki
  • Serres, Serres


Our Values

“Mesogeios” conducts high-quality dialysis treatments complying with all international standards and universally accepted guidelines (American & European Guidelines and Practices).

These international standards are reflected on the day-to-day operation of the units, and are strictly adhered to by all staff, aiming at the best possible outcome for our patients’ health.

  • High-quality dialysis treatments
  • Highly trained scientific and nursing personnel
  • Personalized daily monitoring by nephrologists
  • Respect to the individual needs of each patient
  • Multilateral support
  • Unique sense of safety thanks to our constant care and provision of information
  • Luxurious facility infrastructure to provide hospitality and comfort for both patients and attendants
  • A wide network of high quality dialysis units throughout Greece

Responsibility: We are devoted to our patients and partners, and personally undertake the commitment to work responsibly, with professionalism and transparency, and based on scientific knowledge, towards the achievement of our goals.

Teamwork: We support and respect our partners in order to achieve the best possible results.

People: We create an amazing environment in which our people can train, evolve, be treated with respect, be properly rewarded, and enjoy their work, all while achieving the desired results.

Quality: We always strive to ensure the highest possible quality in terms of patient treatment, procedures, as well as all areas relative to the smooth operation of the company.

Safety: The continued effort to improve safety across the entire range of medical services provided by the company is expressly non-negotiable. Offering continuous guidance to its employees regarding safe behavior across the range of procedures involved in its activities is a key objective of the company.

Integrity: We always operate with complete transparency and honesty in all our business activities.