Mesogeios Dialysis Centres have been participating in the annual convention of the British Kidney Patient Association since 2002. The purpose of this convention is to discuss any issue affecting patients with renal diseases, while also informing them about the latest medical developments with regard to their treatment.

During the convention breaks, the participants have the opportunity to visit the booths at the respective area and receive information and brochures from medical and pharmaceutical companies, travel agencies, and dialysis holiday centres.

We consider our participation as very important, since we have the opportunity to meet new patients and inform them about the option of safe and quality dialysis holidays in our centres. It is with great pleasure that we also meet a large number of patients who have visited us in the past and express their wish to visit us again in the near future.

Finally, we are always glad to meet our associates in England, Freedom travel agency, which specializes in dialysis holiday packages, with whom we have a standing collaboration.

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