Quality Policy

The overall operating framework of the Mesogeios Nephrology Centres Group is governed by the principles reflected in the Management System. The Management System is based on the requirements and the specifications as defined by the international standard EN 15224:2016 Health Service Provision-Management Systems, by the provisions of the legislative framework that defines the operation of the Chronic Dialysis Units (Presidential Decree 225/2000), by the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and by the requirements of BS 10012:2017.
The central point of the Management System is the Patient who visits any of the Mesogeios units and his/her consequent needs and requirements, which derive both from him/her and from the particularities concerning his/her health.
Our primary goals are:
    • Conducting dialysis sessions in full compliance with international standards.
    • Meeting the agreed requirements with the concerned parties, both in terms of dialysis conditions and accommodation (tourist services).
    • The continuous improvement of the provided services and of the overall operation of the Management System.
    • The psychological support of the concerned parties.
    • The creation of a network of dialysis units so that the patients, Greek and foreigners, can enjoy the safety and the quality of health services that we offer either during their holiday or in their permanent place of residence.

The accomplishment of these objectives is ensured by:
    • The compliance to the applicable laws and legislations.
    • The high standard of technological infrastructure and human resources and the continuous training of the staff so that the most modern medical and nursing care can be provided.
    • The privacy and confidentiality of sensitive personal data.
    • The safety of the patients through clinical risk management.
    • The respect for the rights of the concerned parties and the respect for cultural and religious beliefs.

The clinical process of the services provided, is based on the National Protocols, the European Society of Nephrology and the European Protocols, adjusted to the needs and requirements of the Greek reality.
The system supports and takes into consideration the monitoring of all quality characteristics of clinical processes and in particular:
1.    Proper and correct care
2.    Availability
3.    Continuation of care
4.    Effectiveness
5.    Efficiency
6.    Equality
7.    Evidence-based care
8.    Care focusing on the patient
9.    Participation of the patients
10.    Safety of the patients
11.    Meeting the deadlines / Accessibility

The overall implementation of the principles of the system is ensured through the continuous observation of the Management System and the development of processes that shall be functional and effective and shall contribute positively to the accomplishment of the objectives.
The staff, through systematic training and effective internal communication, knows and applies the philosophy of the company.