The use of the latest technology in all critical functions of dialysis is a key aim of MESOGEIOS dialysis units.

MESOGEIOS and cutting edge technology are two intertwined concepts

More specifically:

·         150 Fresenius MC 5008 devices and 22 4008 S devices. The best and most advanced equipment of the world's leading German company.

·         The dialysis equipment at MESOGEIOS operate on OCM leading technology for real-time monitoring of critical dialysis factors (online monitoring). This is the most advanced technology in the field of dialysis.

·         MESOGEIOS has developed a special software for monitoring and recording all dialysis factors that can be associated with the patient’s medical records. The patient’s Online Medical File is a technological pioneering feature that offers unlimited possibilities to the scientific personnel for the benefit of the patient.

·         MESOGEIOS collaborates with leading companies in water treatment systems. It develops and improves these systems, so that the critical factor of quality control of dialysis water is always at top levels.

·         All distillation systems involved in dialysis as well as other medical equipment such as ECGs, ultrasound systems, biochemical analyzers etc. are state-of-the-art equipment.

·         The air conditioning and fresh air exchange systems in the dialysis rooms are designed to the latest standards, to ensure maximum patient comfort.

The specialized Department of Technical Services is responsible for continuous monitoring of changes and new hemodialysis technologies used worldwide. The Department uses and even further develops these new technologies, in order for Mesogeios to provide the best possible services to its patients.

Technology News

Green Dialysis Project

In recent years, experts involved in activities related to the environment, quality and hemodialysis, focused on the issue of reducing the treatment’s environmental impact.  “Mesogeios” Group follows specific successful monitoring and management practices on waste (infectious, household, recyclables) and uses modern methods and techniques for the reuse of waste water (such as, reverse osmosis) and for energy use (use of LED lamps).

The Group thoroughly implements the following principle:


Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Reduce – Waste reduction through education

Reuse – Reuse of energy resources (e.g. rainwater and disposal of Reverse Osmosis)

Recycle – Utilization of recyclables (e.g. glass, paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, wood, electrical appliances, batteries)

Non paper Project

The Technical and IT Department jointly developed technologies, where the entire patient information flow, including the procedures taking place in all the departments of the Dialysis Centers, are based on Non Paper systems.

Video Conference Project

Moreover, with the use of state-of-the-art videoconferencing devices, all employee air and road travelling was reduced, contributing to a substantially lower environmental impact and carbon footprint.