The priority of the “Mesogeios” dialysis centers is to keep abreast of all the latest technological developments. The use of such technologies in all the critical functions of dialysis is a key concern of our group.

Hemodialysis machines

The “mesogeios” Dialysis Centers Group, with its primary focus being safety and quality thanks to its dialysis treatments conforming to the highest standards, could only have the best possible equipment. In partnership with the company Mediprime SA, the exclusive representative of Fresenius Medical Care in Greece, the Group has equipped all “Mesogeios” units with the finest and most sophisticated Fresenius Medical Care 5008S technology. In addition to their incomparably better dialysis capabilities, the Fresenius MC 5008 machines are also more environmentally friendly.

New technologies meet the “Mesogeios” Centers

The aim of the “mesogeios” dialysis centers is always the comfort and excellent care of our patients. That is why we are always ahead of technological developments and are looking for the most innovative and modern technological solutions.

More specifically the following are available in our centers:

  • 250 Fresenius Medical Care 5008S dialysis machines.
    This is the best and most technologically advanced product that the top German dialysis products company in the world has ever manufactured..
  • The leading OCM technology for Online Monitoring.
    This is the most advanced technology in the field of dialysis. The hemodialysis machines of our centers monitor the critical risk factors of dialysis in real time.
  • Special software for monitoring and recording dialysis factors and their connection to the patient’s medical record.
    The Patient Electronic Health Record is a state-of-the-art technology that offers unlimited possibilities to the scientific personnel for the benefit of the patient.
  • Collaboration with leading companies in the field of water treatment systems.
    We are constantly developing and refining these systems so that the critical quality control of dialysis water is always the best it can be.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for all necessary systems.
    Cardiographs, ultrasounds, biochemical analyzers etc. are all state-of-the-art.
  • Fresh air exchange and air conditioning systems in dialysis rooms.
    They are designed to the latest specifications in order to ensure maximum comfort to patients in dialysis rooms.
  • “Mesogeios” Special Technical Services Department.
    This department is responsible for constantly monitoring the changes and new technologies emerging worldwide in the field of dialysis. These new technologies are all transferred or further evolved and upgraded in order to be implemented in “Mesogeios”.