Services - Provisions

The “Mesogeios” Dialysis Centers are synonymous with excellent service. Our goal is to stand next to our patients and their needs, delivering high-quality services at all levels.

Our services:

High-quality dialysis treatments

With the primary goal of ensuring the safety and quality of our patients’ health throughout the dialysis process, we conduct treatments with cutting-edge technology equipment and well-trained medical staff that undergoes continuous training in every new technology and procedure; all this in an environment that meets all health safety standards, while also offering luxury amenities.

Daily monitoring by nephrologists

Continuous monitoring by a cardiologist

Regular monitoring by a cardiologist, in collaboration with the center’s nephrologists, with the sole purpose of providing complete and timely treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Collaboration with vascular surgeons for immediate solutions to vascular access problems

More specifically:

  • Collaboration of the “Mesogeios” Dialysis Center of Crete with the Department of Interventional Radiology of the Heraklion University Hospital.

The Department undertakes the placement of temporary or permanent dialysis catheters, the removal of implant thrombosis using Angiojet, as well as angiographic studies in case of stenosis or thrombosis of the patient’s blood vessels.

  • Collaboration of the “Mesogeios” Dialysis Centers with the Vascular Surgery Department of the “Lefkos Stavros” Athens Clinic.

The Department undertakes the placement of both temporary and permanent central venous dialysis catheters, as well as thrombectomies and angioplasties of occluded arteriovenous grafts, repair of dysfunctional arteriovenous anastomoses, and the creation of new vascular access for dialysis.

Regular testing of all the necessary laboratory parameters of our patients

Monthly full laboratory tests, as well as necessary personalized laboratory tests at any time to monitor and maintain the good health of all our patients while preventing unwanted complications.

Special patient (B +) care area

Specially designed space with all the necessary equipment, exclusively for patients with positive Australian Antigen (B +).

Resuscitation – Emergency room

Specially designed resuscitation room that includes all the technical systems required in emergency situations.

Collaborating with the “Lefkos Stavros” Athens Clinic to ensure multilateral support for our patients

The “Lefkos Stavros” Athens Clinic provides quality health care, always aiming at the best and most comprehensive patient care by a high-level medical and nursing staff.

Contracts with all insurance organizations

We wish to ensure that our patients will have nothing to worry about. Thanks to the contracts of the “Mesogeios” centers with all insurance organizations, the cost of dialysis treatments is 100% covered.

Access to all spaces for people with disabilities

None of our patients can lack access. Wheelchairs, ramps, and lifts are readily available at our units, as well as personnel that is always willing to accompany our patients.

Private ambulance

Providing transport to and from the “Mesogeios” centers to patients in need of an ambulance, following the instructions of the unit’s physicians. Use of ambulances for immediate transportation from the “Mesogeios” centers to wherever required in case of any emergencies.

Power Generating Pairs - Generators

Power Generating Pairs - Electricity Generators that ensure the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the centers in the event of a power failure.

Electrically adjustable beds and armchairs

The comfort of patients during dialysis is essential. Our equipment placed in beds and armchairs enables adjustments in order to find the best possible position to ensure the comfort of each patient individually.

Individual TV with autonomous audio system and personal headphones

State-of-the-art television and headphones to enable autonomy in monitoring, informing, and entertaining each patient individually.

High-speed WiFi

Provision of free, code-specific WiFi exclusively for patients and their attendants, so that they can stay connected to all Internet applications.

Provision of information and guidance on the rights - benefits of kidney patients

From the very first moment, the Secretariats of our units provide information about the rights – benefits of kidney patients and the procedures necessary to acquire them, so that our patients can receive everything they are entitled to.

Online Medical Record System - WEBCRM shared between our units

In order to achieve full cooperation between our centers, we have installed and operated the WEBCRM system. This ensures that our patients will be under the auspices of the “Mesogeios” Group, whichever unit they choose to visit in Greece. They can therefore safely organize their vacations or business trips, seeing as our network is extensive.

Organization of dialysis treatment sessions abroad

Our Group’s PR department ensures that dialysis treatment sessions are organized in units abroad, enabling our patients to travel around the world.