Safety and Quality

In Mesogeios Dialysis Centers our patients enjoy numerous services according to their individual needs.

Safety & quality are the key features that make us your first choice in dialysis services.


  • Online hemofiltration for all patients with new modern 5008S equipment by Fresenius Medical Care
  • Highflux and lowflux polysulfone and helixone dialysis filters by FME
  • Designated areas for treating patients with Hepatitis B


Mesogeios Dialysis Centers implement a Quality Management System in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015. All dialysis units are certified in accordance with the above standard and strictly adhere to the set standards ensuring high quality in provided services and safe treatment.

In 2008 Mesogeios was awarded by TUV Hellas for the quality of services rendered. Out of the 55 health units operating in Greece and certified according to ISO 9000, Mesogeios was awarded for quality of services provided, effort to improve and contribution to the community.


In addition, Mesogeios Nephrology Centers have been certified for the provision of health services pursuant to the EN 15224: 2017 standard, which combines the advantages of ISO 9001: 2015 with the quality demands for health services and determines the issues that include effectiveness, appropriateness, safety and reliability of health care procedures.


In the EN 15524: 2017 standard, there are 11 quality features that highlight the quality of health services. Those 11 features include appropriate- proper care, availability, continuity of care, effectiveness, efficiency, adequacy, care based on evidence and knowledge, patient care including the integrity of physical, psychological and social care, participation and safety of patients, timely care and accessibility.