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Proteins are essential to life. They provide the building blocks for tissue, hormones, enzymes and other body-friendly compounds and account for 15% of the mass of the human body. Each protein is formed from a chain of multiple amino acids, which are the structural units of the proteins. Different combination of amino acids gives different types of proteins.

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Fluid intake for dialysis patients is limited between dialysis treatments since the kidneys lose the ability to produce urine and remove excess fluid from the body.

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Phosphorus is a "mineral", a basic electrolyte found in our nutrition, and kidney is one of the basic organs that regulates phosphorus in our body. Renal failure may even lead to an increase in phosphorus in the blood (hyperphosphatemia), even at an early stage.
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Potassium is an electrolyte that is found in many foods. It helps the muscles and the nerves including the heart to function properly.

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