Holidays during covid-19?

Mobilizing chronically ill people to increase functionality in their lives, to include voyeuristic activities and not to be afraid of their clinical condition , are key components for dealing with anxiety and possible depressive symptoms.

Anxiety and fear are often an inhibitory factor in the daily life of dialysis patients and an obstacle in their lives. Change and adaptation to a new or different situation can often cause stress to hemodialysis patients  and their familiar environment.

Holidays, especially during the coronavirus, it is often an area that is causing insecurity and anxiety in chronic sufferers, especially in the hemodialysis, as related stressful  factors such as:

  • Moving away from the " safe " environment
  • The fear of being pierced by members of the nursing staff of a clinic they do not know
  • Removal from the dialysis clinic and medical staff with whom they feel comfortable communicating
  • Adapting to a new environment

A recreation trip can actually prove to α hemodialysis patient that he can travel, that he can share moments with his family , that he can be functional in the daily life , but also on holidays.

The mental imprint of the ability someone to travel , to take a vacation with his partner or family , is of particular importance , provided that rules are followed , so that the dialysis patient feels safe during his session and his trip.

The benefits of a vacation for the dialysis patient , as well as his family, can be sought both in the improvement of his functionality and in his psychology.

Basic conditions for this project:

  • communication with medical and nursing staff and following instructions
  • finding a dialysis center that inspires confidence in the dialysis patient
  • the observance of the rules of hygiene and antiseptic

With composurelogic and attention, we can enjoy the benefits of holidays and during the coronavirus.


Eleni Soltaridou Psychologist / Mesogeios Dialysis Centers Group