Konstantinos Paraskevopoulos

Менеджер по контролю и обеспечению качества
Управляющий Директор центра "Месогиос" Каламата

Konstantinos Paraskevopoulos

School of Administration and Finance of Technological Education Institute of Piraeus, Accounting Department
London Centre of Management, Health Care Management

Other Qualifications:
Degree in English language

Work Experience

1.       ISTHMIA AELDE, Branch manager in  Kalamata (2000-2001)

2.       WACKENHUT SECURITY MESSINIAS, director of branch network (2001-2002)

3.       Accountant at the company Andrianos-Pavlopoulos in Kalamata (2002-2006)

4.       Managing editor in “Seven” Magazine (2004)

5.       Director of European programs in Anaptixiaki Messinias (2007-2009)

6.       Administrative manager at the Mesogeios Dialysis Center of Kalamata in Messini (since 2009)


1.       Auditor/Lead Auditor ISO 9001

2.       Key Performance Indicator

3.       Management of Thoughts and Behaviors in tense moments