Despoina Ketsetzidou

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Head Nurse

Academic degrees

  • Technological Educational Institute of Nursing, Messolonghi

Other degrees

  • English

Work Experience


  • EDTNA 2018 Genoa
  • EDTNA 2010 Dublin
  • EDTNA 2008 Prague
  • EDTNA 2007 Florence
  • IT Knowledge Certificate: Cambridge International Diploma in IT Skills (2008)
  • Logic Line IT knowledge in a Windows environment (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Networks) 2003
  • Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications (IESE), Thessaloniki Business College, Introduction to IT (BASIC/COBOL/PASCAL) 1989
  • Workshop on “Supplementation in Kidney Diseases” (2005)
  • Workshop on “Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease and its Treatment” 2008
Despoina Ketsetzidou